Personal Trainer Log 6

Saturday started with an extra-specially difficult kickboxing class . . . KICK BUTT!!!!  How fun!  Everyone who was there loved it . . . they complained, of course, but I know – deep down – they really enjoyed it.  Saturday is my errand day.  I had two clients and the good  kickboxing class, and then I had to go grocery shopping, do laundry, etc.   I ate my protein shake and some oatmeal at 6:30am and then had a quick Mojo Bar after kickboxing class at 10am.  After my last client, I had lunch at about 1pm at a Greek restaurant.  Not so good, I’m afraid. I had a gyros platter, but they put tons of feta cheese all over my salad, so I couldn’t eat it. For dinner, we had fresh Mahi Mahi that we sauteed in coconut oil and garnished with a mango salsa and had bok choy for our vegetable.  Since it was Saturday night, we made a dessert as well – raspberry English pudding.  It’s basically a meringue with some raspberries.  Yummy!No workouts other than my kickboxing class . . . which, believe me, was enough.  Then we watched the movie, “Courageous.”  Very inspiring.  Watch it if you can.

Sunday was a very nice, not very scheduled day.  I slept in until 7:45am . . . woo hoo!  Then I had my usual breakfast of a protein shake and some oatmeal.  I had to finish the laundry and pay some bill (yuck!).  Then we had lunch at Thai Basil.  I had a soup with chicken and beef and lots of veggies.  Then we took the dog on  a walk – about 2 miles.  Kind of muddy and icy, but still enjoyable.  Lots of time to workout still, so we got to the studio about 2:30.  I’m still doing a strength building workout:

10 reps 95#
8 reps 105#
6 reps 115#
5 sets of 4 reps 125#
10 reps 95#

Cable rows
12 reps 8 plates
8 reps 9 plates
6 reps 10 plates
5 sets of 4 reps 11 plates
10 reps 8 plates

DB chest press ( I had Jim spot me, so I was able to go harder!)
10 reps 25#
8 reps 30#
6 reps 35#
3 sets of 4 reps 40#
10 reps 25#

3 sets of 20 reps of bench twists:  I lie on a bench with my feet up, knees bent and I twist my torso so my hips and knees lie to one side of the bench and then I lift and twist to the other side.

We came home and ate some egg salad made with the last of the baba ghanoush and some crackers.  I made a roasted chicken in the clay pot with some kale, onions and carrots for dinner.  I spent some time while the chicken was cooking to prepare some vegetables for the week.  I cut up celery, carrots and cucumber.  That way, I will be able to make some good salads with the vegetables and the leftover chicken.  It is important to prepare for the week ahead with good, quality food.