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Dianne Bailey on 9news – Self Defense

Dianne Bailey on 1 of 20 “Super-Fit Chicks Who Don’t Run!”


On the Radio- Today’s Leading Women with Marie Grace Berg

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Dianne Bailey, regular fitness writing for


Dianne Bailey, regular contributor to Mindset Self Defense Magazine


Dianne Bailey on The Examiner


Grant Pettegrew on 9news - Golf Fitness


 The Conditioning Classroom in Health and Wellness Magazine


 Grant Pettegrew in The Chicago Tribune


Featured Story- Dianne Bailey, Journey to Success










Cover Girl for Personal Fitness Professional




Kickboxing Basics 


Written Articles- Grant Pettegrew in Colorado Avid Golfer


Travel Fitness for Golfers


Do This Not That



Eating Simply Press Release and Other Spot in the media:


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