Cardio Kickboxing

Change your body . . . Change your life

One hour . . . to release all your tensions . . . to sweat hard . . . to laugh and enjoy . . . to just beat on a bag that won’t hit you back! How fun is that?!

Come join us at our new studio for a great Cardio Kickboxing experience. Move at your own pace – but definitely count on burning a lot of calories!

Beginning Kickboxing

Start out with a half-hour introductory class, designed to teach you the basics of our cardio kickboxing curriculum. Learn proper technique of punching, kicking, etc. so you can enjoy a fun-filled high tempo exercise class without injury.

Advanced Kickboxing

Intense, fun and designed to work you out! Use bags and other equipment to punch and kick your way to your fitness goals. Must be comfortable with basic curriculum.

All of our instructors are black belts in the martial arts. We understand how to punch and kick and how to help you learn to enjoy kickboxing in a safe and fun environment. No sparring, no special uniforms . . . just a lot of kicking-good fun.

Lead instructor, Dianne Bailey, has been teaching kickboxing since 1998. She has been studying martial arts since 1994 and has earned the level of 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo. She is also a personal trainer with the distinction of earning a CSCS (Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist) from the NSCA (National Sports Conditioning Association). All of that experience is channeled into making sure your kickboxing experience is exciting, challenging and safe.



“Dianne’s kickboxing was the best. i have yet to have so much fun and work out at the same time. i want to move her over here and open a studio!!”

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